Get Your FREE Roll of Paper Tape

Buy at least 1 of our unique INKKIN designed paper tapes and choose a second tape to be added to your order for FREE!

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Why switch to paper tape?

It’s a perfect environmentally-friendly alternative to traditionally plastic sticky tape, with excellent adhesion and durability.

♺ 100% Recyclable and PLASTIC FREE

꩜ Made from FSC Sustainably Produced Paper

 Vegan Friendly Ink

Choose any combination of our 6 designs

Our tape designs are created by us and are available exclusively from INKKIN. Which ones are your favourites?

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Buy at least 1 tape and get your second tape FREE!

A small change to reduce your plastic usage

Want to do your bit for the environment?

Making a small eco-swap like changing plastic-based sticky tape to recyclable paper tape is an easy way to do your bit.

Our exclusive range of paper tape patterns are designed and created by us. If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly alternative to add a touch of class to your gift wrap, our paper tape range is perfect for you.


Can I order more than 2 tapes?

Yes, you can order more than 2 tapes but you will only get 1 for free.
If you order 6 tapes or more you will also get free shipping.

Can I order only 1 tape?

Sure, but it won’t be free, so you might as well add another at no extra cost.

How much is delivery?

Standard delivery is only £2.95, or FREE if you have ordered 6 tapes or more.