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‘Wonky’ 50mm Spotty Dotty White Paper Tape


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What are ‘Wonky’ tapes?

Add a touch of style to your sustainable parcels, product packaging and shipping boxes with our eco-friendly, self adhesive white paper tapes with black polka dots.

A unique INKKIN design featuring a fun scattering of black spots inspired by clusters of Juniper berries.

The strong and durable finish makes it perfect for a wide range of applications with excellent adhesion to all surfaces, and for extra convenience the tape can be torn by hand so no need for additional dispensers or scissors. A great alternative to clear plastic sticky tapes!

Roll Size: 50mm x 50m

◎ 100% Recyclable (including inner core)
◎ Made from FSC Sustainably Produced Paper
◎ Natural Rubber Adhesive
◎ Self Adhesive
◎ Hand Tearable (no need for scissors)
◎ Compatible with Standard Tape Dispensers
◎ Supplied without a Plastic Retail Wrapper
◎ Made in the UK


Additional information

Weight 0.21 kg


◎ Paper thickness: 100 micron
◎ Paper weight: 70 g/m2
◎ Total thickness: 120 micron
◎ Peel Adhesion: 2.8 N/cm
◎ Tensile Strength: 54 N/cm
◎ Elongation at Break: 6%
◎ Service temperature: -35 ̊C / +65 ̊C

The user should determine whether the tape is suitable for the intended application.


To keep your tape in best condition it should be kept in a dry atmosphere and away from direct sunlight.


This product does not contain any dangerous or unhealthy components, and complies with European 2004/12/CE packaging directive.